PhD Candidate & Annenberg FellowCinema and Media StudiesUniversity of Southern California

I'm a digital media scholar who researches and writes about the social, aesthetic, political, and public impacts of apps and web platforms. I study livestreaming, television, video games, and internet culture.

I am currently a PhD Candidate and Annenberg Fellow in cinema and media studies in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. I also hold a doctoral certificate in Science and Technology Studies from the Dornsife Center on Science, Technology, and Public Life.

My dissertation focuses on the uses and transformations of livestreaming technologies and platforms over the past two decades up until the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I received my MA in cinema and media studies from USC and my BA in anthropology from the University at Buffalo. Before academia, I spent several years working in the nonprofit sector.

 Fields & Methods: digital media studies, television studies, science and technology studies, platform studies, mixed humanistic and qualitative research methods, qualitative interviews, interdisciplinary research, teaching and pedagogy  Interests & Objects: livestreaming and liveness, web platforms and apps, video games, tv, sociotechnical systems, algorithmic culture, infrastructure, impacts of networked technologies on public life and domestic space

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